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The central, southeast, and southwest Fresno neighborhoods that make up the Fresno Building Healthy Communities (Fresno BHC) site are the historical center of the City of Fresno. With a population exceeding 90,000, the area incorporated in Fresno BHC has its share of challenges including high levels of poverty, unemployment, gang violence, and high rates of obesity and asthma that exceed statewide averages.

In spite of its challenges, Fresno BHC and its partners are turning the tide on multiple fronts, from securing health care for undocumented immigrants to repairing the fractured community-police relations. Day by day, the balance of power is shifting to the people and the result is a healthier Fresno for all.


  • Fresno is a landing place for many waves of immigrants, including Hmong, Cambodian, and Lao refugees. As a result, more than 100 languages are spoken in Fresno City.
  • 4 percent of the community falls below the poverty line.
  • 22 percent are unemployed.
  • 62.8 percent have less than a high school education.

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  • Disease doesn’t check a person’s papers when it invades a body. We shouldn’t either when we treat the patient. By Anthony Iton Full access to health care for all is one of the most cost-effective policies that we could implement in the United States. We...

  • Thanks to the work of hundreds of community members working together for the past two years, more than $37M is designated for investment in southwest Fresno as part of the Transformative Climate Communities Program.

  • The Fresno City Council on Thursday is poised to approve the Transformative Climate Communities grant agreement with the state Strategic Growth Council for money geared toward projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


#Health4AllFresnans: A campaign to save the health care safety net for undocumented people excluded from the Affordable Care Act. Fresno BHC and its partners secured Board of Supervisors support for a short-term program for undocumented Fresnans and we’re fighting to make the win permanent.

#OneHealthyFresno: An initiative shaping how Fresno will grow and where investment will go through the city’s General Plan Update. They aim to bring resources to areas in Fresno BHC so that every Fresno resident can thrive. Additionally, this campaign builds positive relationships between the community and the Police Department to create safe environments that support our health.

Schools Action Team: Works to ensure that the $15 million additional dollars the District is expected to receive from Fair School Funding is invested in ways that ensure all students can graduate on time. Students and parents are leading the work to change Fresno Unified School District’s school climate by advocating for true parent-family engagement that is culturally competent and welcoming. Young people are asking for Restorative Justice Practices that provide them with resources to help them stay in school when they are having a hard time instead of kicking them out.


Keishaun White used drones to discover that the air quality in Fresno is worse for those who live in neighborhoods of color.