How to take screenshots on a Windows 10 laptop or PC

How to take screenshots on a Windows 10 laptop or PC

Something might be wrong with your PC, and you need to get a shot of the error to try and troubleshoot it. You might want to get a couple of shots to explain something to a friend or colleague, or to show off your gameplay prowess. You will get an Xbox-styled notification saying Screenshot saved. You ulib_dll can quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window, or fullscreen.

In addition, you’ll need to prepare the product key of the Windows Pro edition. You can find it in the email sent by the Windows seller or distributor, or on the Windows DVD or USB packing box. You are only able to back up personal files, and cannot back up the software on your computer. After your system is restored, you’ll need to reinstall the software that was installed in the C drive .

  • There’s even a super basic “meme editor” that lets you add a big block text to the top and bottom.
  • File tabs have been enhanced to make split views effortless, with support throughout the interface and built-in commands.
  • Inside your hard drive are two rotating discs that sort of resemble a CD.
  • This action will copy the screenshot to the clipboard so you can proceed to paste in your favorite photo editor.

You can then open MS Paint or any other image editor to view it. Perhaps you only want to take a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen or you might want to take a screenshot during gaming etc. The screen will be greyed out and your cursor will turn into crosshairs. Drag the crosshairs over the area you want to capture and let go of the mouse button to save the screenshot to your clipboard. You can also choose one of the options in the toolbar to take a screenshot of a custom shape or of the entire screen. You may not want to create a file, but merely send a screenshot to the clipboard and paste it into an image editor, document, or some other application.

Taking Screenshot on Windows with Macbook Pro with Touchbar

After that, the Windows password recovery interface will come up. Simply choose Reset Windows Password from 4 options, find the target user account you want to reset its password and click Next button to proceed. I had Windows 8, upgraded to 10 several months ago. I sold my computer so I did the reset with the remove files and clean this drive option.

Now, you have seen options as Record, timer, Select Area, Record Pointer and Audio. This will capture all of the steps on full screen and once you are done and clicked on Stop Record. Make sure to Toggle the switch ON for Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using a Game bar. Regardless of your operating system, budget, or must-have features, one of these options should be just the thing to get the job done.

Cloud Recording

On laptops, you may need to press the Windows, Function, and Print Screen keys. Our guide provides several ways to take a screenshot ranging from the standard Print Screen key to utilizing Microsoft’s OneDrive platform. With Teamviewer you can remote to the desktop and take any screenshots needed on any of the login screens as required. Snip & Sketch is a new screenshot tool after Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Print Screen on a MacBook

Offered by, Lightshot is a screenshot app for PC that allows you to take quick snaps and edit them online or within the app. In the October 2018 update, Snip & Sketch replaced the Windows Snipping Tool which came with previous versions of Windows. You can also take screenshots of a specific area on your screen. The Snip & Sketch app lets you perform more complex screen capture actions. That’s all there is to it if you just need a way to quickly share what’s on your screen. However, there are more advanced ways to screen capture on PC.