Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Colleagues,

You have already heard multiple times by now about “social distancing” (we prefer the term “physical distancing”, because we still all need to stay socially connected) to help prevent COVID-19 spread, “Flatten the Curve”, and protect our local health systems and hospitals from being overwhelmed.

On this point, we say: Take physical distancing VERY seriously. If you already doing it, keep it up.

Recent reports documenting COVID-19 spread reveal some scary patterns – scary even to the two of us as experienced public health physicians – it appears the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people (meaning no coughing, no sneezing, no fever) by the airborne route.  COVID-19 has proven to be a very tough and unique foe.

Here are two informational videos that we helped produce, emphasizing the themes of physical distancing and “Flattening the Curve.”

This is a stressful and anxiety-producing moment for us all – but pandemics do end. We will get through this but let’s also control what we indeed have the power to control: physical distancing to “Flatten the Curve” and fight the virus. Seriously.